Sounds like too much, and like an extra weight on your shoulder. While a job as you try to get good grades might seem like a terrible idea it is a necessary one. But we can definitely find a more positive way of thinking about it if we focus on it’s benefits.

First, yes, it does take a lot of effort, commitment and discipline to reduce your time for hobbies and unneeded sleep, but the first great reason to find a part time job in college is of course, money. That will help you pay your student loan faster and have some extra cash to save, buy school supplies and all the expenses a career might include. If you were used to living at your parents, in other words having someone else provide and control the house budget, getting a job will help you learn and practice how to organize your income with a budget and make the best out of your earnings.

If you find a job according to your career, more than an extra income, your part time job could become an early practice of your future real job, help you learn more about the field and the best part… start adding referrals to the professional side of your resume. You will start organizing your time, money, energy and priorities better than ever before. Plus, a new sense of responsibility will change your routine by getting a job and it’s duties.

And finally, jobs have their own benefits, an income, health insurance, retirement savings, vacation, sick time and more.

Can’t find work after college?

Nationwide Student Loan is happy to say, however, that unemployment after college is not the end of thr road. We’ve helped thousands deal with the reality of unemployment or work that doesn’t cover your university debts. Unemployment after college is a real thing. But don’t let it be the only thing.​