We all can agree that paying for school nowadays can be the hardest thing to do. That´s why today we want to share with you the top ten jobs for college students, which not only will help you pay the bills but also wont interfere with your main goal: LEARNING.

According to Forbes magazine on line, the following is a list of the best paid jobs for college students:

One: Being a massage therapist is a great option believe it or not! It pays an average of $22 an hour, it is also a great option because it´s a flexible schedule since a lot of people ask for massages on their free time.

Two: Dental receptionist! The average payment is $14 and this job is a great option if you want some extra cash while on vacation from college. Also if you attend to classes at night this is ideal for you.

Three: Nanny! The average salary for a nanny is $12 an hour, this type of job offers two options, you can chose between being a full time nanny or just babysitting on your free time, which makes it ideal because it adjusts to your schedule and you won´t have to miss any school time.

Four: Book keeper! if you like numbers and enjoy being responsible, this job is for you, paying an average of $12 an hour this job brings the opportunity of learning at the same time as working. If your major has something to do with accounting, this job would fit perfectly for you.

Five: Bank Teller! Just like the previous option, being a bank teller is a job that can bring some great experience to your resume as well. This job pays an average of $10.80 an hour and is a great option because it offers different schedules that you can easily fit with your classes.

Working and studying can be a big challenge in some situations but it only requires some sacrifice and the results can be great as being able to pay for your loans while still studying is an absolute advantage as you prepare to head out of school.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2015/04/23/the-best-jobs-for-college-students/#437783a83521