College history in the United States is interesting and a country’s achievement to be immensely proud of.

We will get to the serious part, but today, we will share with you some facts you probably never heard before about college.

  1. Alumni: this word we are all identified with during our school time, comes actually from Latin “alumnus” which means “foster son”.
  2. Alma Mater: we call our school this way and make us feel some belonging with it, but few of us know it means more than “my school”, it also comes from Latin and means “nurturing mother”.
  3. Women in college: The first college to allow women, African American women, and graduate them, was the Oberlin College.
  4. College football: the first American football game between two different colleges happened in November 1869, final score was Princeton 4 – Rutgers 6.
  5. College: comes from Latin “collegium” and means community or society.
  6. Society: the most prestigious college Senior Society is Yale’s “Skull and bones”, three presidents of the U.S. have been members.
  7. Ivy League: it is formed by 8 colleges: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Yale and University of Pennsylvania.
  8. Nowadays, around 60% of students are female.
  9. Harvard has the largest academic library in the world, with 15.8 million volumes.

Now you know this fact, you can feel even more identified and closer to your academic home.