Can you think of a better way to kick-off this Monday than by reassessing your financial goals for 2017 and finding out exactly how you are will kick the pants off that debt that has been nagging you since 2016? Let’s get to it:

1. Pick a method for paying off your balances

You can either go with debt snowball or debt avalanche: payoff the smallest balances first or tackle on the largest interest rates. We won’t go into the specifics of which is better because in the end: either or is better than nothing. Paying minimum payments and hoping the problem goes away is not a viable alternative. Make a plan, choose a target and knock it down.

2. Make extra payments

Are you only paying the minimum on your student loans right now? If possible, you should open yourself to adding an extra payment every (or every other) month. Or, try increasing your current payment by a dollar amount or percentage every single month in 2017. This will help you pay down your loans faster and save you money in the process. How? Every extra dollar you pay now, is another dollar without interest to worry about later.

3. Give us a call

We will not only explain to you the alternatives available to you, our experts can actually give you concrete numbers that will help you make a better case for what path you’ll take, if you’ll need help and/or what to prepare for down the road. Our consultants are here to help everyone with their own unique circumstances. We are available from 8:00am – 6:00pm PST. Submit your information for a quote, or CALL NOW!

The more you help us in understanding your situation, i.e. past payment problems, current income stability, and long-term goals, the better we can service you.  Call us now to explore your options and you will get a professional recommendation in handling your student loan debt.

We conduct due diligence for our clients. Our agents specialize in doing research for every case to determine the most ideal course of action in saving money through consolidation. Many borrowers were rushed into taking on their Federal student loans, regardless of the balance. Using our service can help you carefully strategize repayment. We take pride in our track record of knowing and using the inner workings of professional document preparation for Federal Student Loan consolidation. Our clients can trust being in good hands!