Student Loans are currently numbered at around $1.4 trillion in the United States. Nationwide Student Loan is seeing the effects of this staggering debt as it slowly but surely takes its toll on the economy. One thing that is interesting to note is that some schools produce more students in debt than others. Wave3 News recently interviewed Joe Smith who graduated with more than $40,000 in student loan debt! Two years after graduation, Wave3 reports, he is still working the same job he had previous to graduating at the same pay rate. Some schools, according to the report, have about 6 out 0f 10 students in default while other schools such as Brown Mackie and Daymar College are reporting a staggering 7 of 10 students in default.

Nationwide Student Loan is all too familiar with stories like this. And the situation seems to only be getting worse as time progresses. That being said, Nationwide Student Loan is absolutely happy to say that all is not lost. We offer services specifically catered to persons who are struggling with student loan debt and are looking for relief.

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