Most college students have a small income. Some have part time jobs others get money from their parents. The point is, having a low income and paying for a student loan can leave them with very little money to survive. So how to make it through the month without increasing your debt?

Here we recommend some smart choices for spending the least as possible in college:

1.     Don’t go crazy on brands or “in” stuff. This is the time when generic can be just as good as those on TV; you can leave appearances for later.

2.     Forget about impulsive shopping.

3.     Recycle books. It’s ok to sell your books when you don’t use them anymore, and it’s ok to benefit from used books in the current semester.

4.     Even in your daily routine out of college, it is never smart to go grocery shopping when you are hungry.

5.     Make your own food or eat at the cafeterias, instead of going out.

6.     We all know alcohol and cigarettes are enemies to our health, but also on our wallet.

7.     Being late on payments usually results in fees, why give away your money for nothing in return?

8.     Countries with a healthy lifestyle are using more bikes and walking every day instead of cars, they are not only environmentally friendly but also smart by saving in gas, taxes and parking.

9.     Consider sharing everything you can. Splitting always means less.

10.  Take advantage of all student discounts you can.

And finally, the smartest way to take full advantage of your money, is making the best out of what you paid for, go to class!