First, we should identify the enemy of all students, distraction.

When we are in college, we usually attend at a young age when the world has just opened up to us as grown ups and with a million possibilities of new experiences and things to try.

But, with freedom and permission, also comes a lot of responsibility.

The truth is that a career is time consuming, can be expensive and takes commitment, effort, and responsibility. All this leaves us with little space for hobbies and a social life. But all good things in life take sacrifice, and graduating from college with good grades and a student loan paid for can take more from us than other challenges in life.

When it comes to a smart and efficient use of our resources, time is one of the hardest to resolve, and here are a few tips to do it better.

1. Be selective on your extra curricular activities, They are important, educating and sometimes mandatory, but it is really not necessary to sign up for every activity on campus. If you really need to get extra credit by doing this kind of activity you could choose one or two of them, and only those that have a specific schedule and not require to much of your time.

2. Choose your social interactions wisely. College time is famous for being the best party time ever, and, yes, fun is not only good but necessary. However, this too should have a healthy limit. Spending all night out could end up taking more time for you to recover from lack of sleep, drinking or just exhaustion from being awake and active. Next day will be really hard for you to concentrate in school work.

3. Use internet strictly for school matters.

When you are done and with enough free time you could catch up with your social media and hobbies, but trying to do both at once will definitely make the time used for school work longer and give you a feeling of extra exhaustion.

4. If your career does not require it, don’t have a tv with you. Temptation of turning it on while studying will catch you up and make you take a long time to focus and finish.

The best way to organize your time is making a strict schedule and keeping up to it, so each activity will have it’s own space and no room for other distractions. Using your time wisely will give you better results and more time for yourself when duties are done.