When we choose the school we want to attend, different reasons come to our minds: costs, distance, academic reputation, applicable content, alumni, etc. But honestly, we tend to assume that being accepted at an expensive school guarantees a high income and a high position as soon as we graduate.
Is that always the case?
Sadly, that is not the truth. Ivy league schools are wealthy, with great worldwide reputations and with successful people as graduates (and a couple of famous drop outs) and what is more they come with high statistics of retention and graduated students. But your dream job and high earnings will come with almost as much effort as if you were in other schools.
Studies from U.S. News and World Report show that Ivy League school graduates have the same opportunities and income potential than those from regular schools. Here’s a tip, the top three on starting salary schools are: U.S. Naval Academy, West Point and Harvey Mudd. Think about that if you are in the process of choosing a school. Research more outside of reputation and branding. Do the numbers, analyze the facts and make sure your school preferences are not based on immediately getting back what you paid for but, rather, for reasons good enough to make you pay the difference.