Who said college students are condemned to stay home during vacation? Traveling has always been linked with being young and wild and free and for that reason you should start planning your next trip. College is where memories are created and where adventure happens. At this time you may not have a lot of money to travel but still you have all that you need: “dreams”. Nationwide Student Loan knows that the idea of travelling while having debt during or after school seems impossible. But even with student loan debt, it’s possible to splurge a little sometimes.There are several places you can go with a low budget, some of these destinations are:


According to Forbes magazine this is one of the cheapest places to travel to. Croatia is thought as one of the most expensive places to travel but the truth is that you can make it in a less fancy and more adventurous way as it is not necessary to own a yacht to travel from island to island. You can take a ferry to get around and stay in one of the coastal towns that are popular and affordable.


Contrary to what everyone thinks, there are ways to travel, to spend and enjor for less than $40 per day. You can walk the Santiago trail across Spain and complete the Camino Frances Trail that is 500 miles long and you will only have to spend $35 a day and what is more this is an easy to follow trail that will allow you to know Spanish culture as well as meet new people from around the world.


If what you want is beach, sun and water – Barbados is a great option that you can afford with a low budget. The exchange rate is favorable for U.S dollars, you can stay at one of the upscale accommodations with great discounts and enjoy many attractions such as the summer festival and of course its beautiful beaches.


This beautiful green country is known for being expensive but the fjord region is a great option if you want to get to know Norway and you can save money by using public transportation like ferries and buses, and you can find affordable accommodations in cabins and spend great time in a small village environment.


This fascinating Middle Eastern country is known for its turquoise Mediterranean coast and its valleys and, if you love history and nature, this is the perfect place for you. You can get affordable accommodations at the Old Patriarchs Monastery for $10 which includes breakfast. For transportation you will mostly use your feet, because this way you will get to enjoy nature and enjoy natural flavors from local fruits and vegetables.

These are only 5 of many options you can find around the world to travel and enjoy some adventure while being young and full of energy!

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