America’s Best Universities

Everyone who has the goal of graduating from college has dreamed of studying in one of the best colleges in the US. Unfortunately the dream doesn't come true for everyone because the prices of these universities are really high and the possibilities of getting in are very low. These universities impose a lot of requirements to [...]

Free Consultation

“As you should know, I work with Nationwide Student Loan and accommodate borrowers in acquiring financial debt relief for their Federal Student Loans. To learn more about how we can resolve the challenges of your student loan situation, fill out the form below. Nationwide Student Loan will reach out to you as soon as possible [...]

60 years old and still in student debt

60 years old and still in student debt By - www.13newsnow.com/money/magnify-money/60-years-old-and-still-in-student-debt/406448803 Like a growing number of student loan borrowers, 60-year-old Beatrice Hogg will be paying off her loans well into her 80s. “I'll probably die before I pay off the loan,” says Hogg, a social worker living in Sacramento, Calif. In total, she owes $45,000 in outstanding [...]

Overwhelming stress levels

www.independent.co.uk/student/news/university-debts-so-high-students-suffering-increased-mental-health-problems-cant-afford-food-a7587656.html University debts so high students are suffering 'increased mental health problems' and 'can't afford food' Exclusive: One in seven students have been chased by debt collectors after being unable to pay rent Debts accumulated during university years are so high that students are suffering from mental ill health and cannot afford to buy food, according [...]