Surprising facts about college, you probably didn’t know.

College history in the United States is interesting and a country's achievement to be immensely proud of. We will get to the serious part, but today, we will share with you some facts you probably never heard before about college. Alumni: this word we are all identified with during our school time, comes actually from Latin [...]

Expensive schools guarantee higher earning?

When we choose the school we want to attend, different reasons come to our minds: costs, distance, academic reputation, applicable content, alumni, etc. But honestly, we tend to assume that being accepted at an expensive school guarantees a high income and a high position as soon as we graduate. Is that always the case? Sadly, that [...]

How to survive college on a low budget?

Most college students have a small income. Some have part time jobs others get money from their parents. The point is, having a low income and paying for a student loan can leave them with very little money to survive. So how to make it through the month without increasing your debt? Here we recommend some [...]

Find Out How Much You Will Owe by the Time You Finish College

Many students will be entering college in the next months and they must be thinking about a million things. Whether it's what roommate they'll be having, or what schedule they'll get for their classes, but they're surely not thinking about how much debt they will have from student loans by the time they're done with college. [...]