Top Five Jobs for College Students

We all can agree that paying for school nowadays can be the hardest thing to do. That´s why today we want to share with you the top ten jobs for college students, which not only will help you pay the bills but also wont interfere with your main goal: LEARNING. According to Forbes magazine on line, [...]

Student Loan Repayment Options

Here we let you know about some of the common ways of repaying a student loan: 1.The standard plan: It means just paying your minimum payment every month as planned. Taking the regular time and interests you knew from the beginning. This is obviously not an option for everyone in a current market where job placement [...]

How to make the best out of your time in college

First, we should identify the enemy of all students, distraction. When we are in college, we usually attend at a young age when the world has just opened up to us as grown ups and with a million possibilities of new experiences and things to try. But, with freedom and permission, also comes a lot of [...]

Work and College

Sounds like too much, and like an extra weight on your shoulder. While a job as you try to get good grades might seem like a terrible idea it is a necessary one. But we can definitely find a more positive way of thinking about it if we focus on it's benefits. First, yes, it does [...]