Is a 4 year college my only option?

Deciding on what to do after high school is not the easiest of tasks. However, many people think they only have a 4 year college to focus on when in reality there are other options to consider especially as the job market changes and the need for technical trades rises. College Studies show that students with [...]

How Student Loans Are Killing Home ownership

As you’ve probably heard, Millennials just aren’t buying houses like young people used to. Many iterations of this story have already been told: They’re living with roommates (parental or otherwise), renting rather than buying, and blowing their paychecks on fancy brunches instead of bungalows. Partly to blame is the fact that housing prices have rapidly outpaced [...]

4 Tips Guaranteed To Make Your Student Loan Payment Easier

When thinking about the time and money that a student loan represents, it can be fearsome and it could even cause us insomnia. Fear no more, today we will share with you 3 amazing tips for you to pay for your student loan without sweating. Refinance your student loans Some agencies offer to help you by [...]

What everybody ought to know about applying for college

You may think that applying for college it's hard but today we want to share with you 3 things to encourage you to keep on your college plans.   You can get in! Even if there are thousands trying to get in, there is no reason why you shouldn't! It is a fact that colleges are [...]