How to survive college on a low budget?

Most college students have a small income. Some have part time jobs others get money from their parents. The point is, having a low income and paying for a student loan can leave them with very little money to survive. So how to make it through the month without increasing your debt? Here we recommend some [...]

Find Out How Much You Will Owe by the Time You Finish College

Many students will be entering college in the next months and they must be thinking about a million things. Whether it's what roommate they'll be having, or what schedule they'll get for their classes, but they're surely not thinking about how much debt they will have from student loans by the time they're done with college. [...]

Tips to get the Best Loans for You

It's almost time to go back to school and many people will be entering college, but did they get the right loan? If you're someone that hasn't gotten a loan yet, these tips might be very helpful when choosing your loan! Get as many grants, scholarships, and low-cost federal student loans as you can! These are [...]

New Rules for Student Loan Forgiveness Program are Put On Hold

According to the Department of Education, new rules for the program of student loan forgiveness for people who were defrauded by their school have now been put on hold. The program was created to help people if their school misled them in any way about their loans or education program or if it violated certain state laws, [...]