Work and College

Sounds like too much, and like an extra weight on your shoulder. While a job as you try to get good grades might seem like a terrible idea it is a necessary one. But we can definitely find a more positive way of thinking about it if we focus on it's benefits. First, yes, it does [...]

why you don’t read the documents of your student loans documents?

More than half of students read less than 25% of their student loan documents, according to a new study. Many skipped reading them altogether. Those are the results of the 2017 State of Student Loan Debt in America survey, which polled current college students and their parents on their attitudes about managing student loan debt. It [...]

Student Loan Repayment Options

Here we let you know about some common ways of repaying a student loan but of course, the more you pay and the less time you take on repaying, will release you sooner and even save some money while doing it. The standard 10-year plan: It means just paying your minimum payment every month as planned. [...]

Surprising facts about college, you probably didn’t know.

College history in the United States is interesting and a country's achievement to be immensely proud of. We will get to the serious part, but today, we will share with you some facts you probably never heard before about college. Alumni: this word we are all identified with during our school time, comes actually from Latin [...]