Nationwide Student Loan (NSL) is happy to announce that we are continuing to expand our workforce! We are seeking the talent of skilled and motivated individuals to add to our organization’s Debt Relief Counseling and Client Servicing departments.


Nationwide Student Loan is the country’s premier student loan debt relief company that accommodates former students with management of their federally funded education debt. We offer strategic solutions to overcome the many challenges of the student loan crisis, which involves well over $1.4 trillion borrowed among 44 million students. We take pride in advocating for debtors with their Federal Student Loans, qualifying them for consolidation arrangements with forgiveness features, and conducting document preparation for repayment relief.

We are determined to provide our clients with comprehensive assistance, on an individual basis, to help them attain their financial goals. At Nationwide Student Loan, we invite you to join our dynamic team and play a valuable role in navigating people on their road to financial freedom!