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Is a 4 year college my only option?

Deciding on what to do after high school is not the easiest of tasks. However, many people think they only have a 4 year college to focus on when in reality there are other options to consider especially as the job market changes and the need for technical trades rises. College Studies show that students with [...]

How Student Loans Are Killing Home ownership

As you’ve probably heard, Millennials just aren’t buying houses like young people used to. Many iterations of this story have already been told: They’re living with roommates (parental or otherwise), renting rather than buying, and blowing their paychecks on fancy brunches instead of bungalows. Partly to blame is the fact that housing prices have rapidly outpaced [...]

Surprising facts about college, you probably didn’t know.

College history in the United States is interesting and a country's achievement to be immensely proud of. We will get to the serious part, but today, we will share with you some facts you probably never heard before about college. Alumni: this word we are all identified with during our school time, comes actually from Latin [...]

Expensive schools guarantee higher earning?

When we choose the school we want to attend, different reasons come to our minds: costs, distance, academic reputation, applicable content, alumni, etc. But honestly, we tend to assume that being accepted at an expensive school guarantees a high income and a high position as soon as we graduate. Is that always the case? Sadly, that [...]