Everyone who has the goal of graduating from college has dreamed of studying in one of the best colleges in the US. Unfortunately the dream doesn’t come true for everyone because the prices of these universities are really high and the possibilities of getting in are very low.

These universities impose a lot of requirements to accept students in. Their standards are really high for students actually be able to enroll and they only accept a limited amount of students per year.

Regardless, as they say “there is no such thing as dreaming too big and there is always a chance to get what you want if you are willing to go ‘the extra mile’ “.

Here I make known a list of America’s Top Colleges according to Forbes Magazine.

Harvard University: The very best University of America.
Located in: Massachusetts
Approximate cost: $64K

Stanford University
Located in: California
Approximate cost: $64K

Yale University
Located in: Connecticut
Approximate cost: $66K

Princeton University
Located in: New Jersey
Approximate cost: $61K

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Located in: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Approximate cost: $63K

California Institute of Technology
Located in : California West Coast Approximate cost: $63K

University of Pennsylvania
Located in: University section of Philadelphia
Approximate cost: $66K

Duke University
Located in: North Carolina
Approximate cost: not less than $66K

Brown University
Located in: Rhode Island
Approximate cost: $65K

Pomona College
Located in: California
Approximate cost: $64K

Of course while reading about these prices you may think it sounds crazy but be educated in one of these prestigious universities could change your life!

On the bright side, they offer student financial aid to those who are not able to afford school enrollment but have other academic merits to study in a university like this.