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Benefits of Consolidation

Properly consolidating your student loans can qualify you for repayment programs that may have not been previously available. Check on your eligibility for a potential reduction in your monthly payment amount to meet your financial needs.
Once you are no longer enrolled in school, find out how we can make your student loan repayment more manageable.
Depending on the situation, student loan repayment can turn into a vicious cycle with little clarity, and unrealistic expectations being placed on the borrower. Our assessments are designed to introduce debtors to realistic ways of optimizing their savings in repayment.
When you fall behind on your Federal Student Loan repayment, contact us immediately to receive assistance and avoid Administrative Wage Garnishment (AWG), Tax Liens, Treasury Offsets, and/or unnecessary Collection Fees.

Nationwide Student Loan Testimonial – Eliza Diaz

Have you or someone you know ever been in a situation where an “escape” seems impossible? Have you heard of students who, out of necessity, acquired debt to fund their education and, as it is becoming more and more common, eventually struggled to find a job to cover living expenses on top of that debt?

If so, check out Eliza’s story! We here at Nationwide Student Loan are proud to say Eliza is ONE of MANY people we’ve been able to help!

Real Support. Real People.


About Us

Nationwide Student Loan provides assistance to indebted borrowers with their federally funded student loans. NSL has accommodated a multitude of former students with varied circumstances in finding the best repayment solutions available.

Nationwide Student Loan strives to bridge the gap between students and their financial goals of being debt free. Nationwide Student Loan takes a proactive approach in its efforts to conquer the student loan crisis in America, which involves well over $1.4 trillion borrowed among 44 million students. Debt Relief Counselors at Nationwide Student Loan consult, educate, and strategize to find a way to maximize your savings.

We, at Nationwide Student Loan, take pride in being advocates for student loan borrowers on their journey to financial independence. We specialize in providing financial analytics regarding education debt, qualifying for consolidation arrangements, and conducting document preparation for repayment relief. We are inspired to meet and exceed expectations by providing timely, accurate, and professional service. By maintaining a culture of integrity and stewardship, we believe in building and sustaining trust and value among the students nationwide.

We Have Proudly Helped Over




“NSL helped me lower my payments”

“Nationwide Student Loan has helped me to stop my garnishment and lower my monthly payments significantly.”

Eric D. , Houston, TX
“NSL helped me find relief!”

“My lenders wanted me to pay over a thousand dollars per month and I was 2 months behind, I called NSL and they helped me find relief through consolidation in under 60 days.”

Stacy T, Franklin, TN
“NSL Helped me save 70%”

“NSL initiated my Public service loan forgiveness arrangements so that I can focus on raising my family. They saved me 70% on my monthly payments. Thanks Josh!”

Will G. , Inland Empire, CA
“This program changed my life!”

“I’ve spend 20 years avoiding anyone that “claimed” to want to help me improve me student loan status. if I was unable to make ridiculous payments I was treated terrible.
This program has changed my life. I am looking forward to my future when my credit will NO longer be an embarrassment to me.”

Debie D., Gibsonia, PA
There is nothing negative I can say about this program. Everyone from the beginning has been so helpful and informative about everything I’ll be going through. Thank you so much for putting in the daily effort to get questions answered and results given. I’ve even recommended this program to several of my friends and family members. Thanks for showing me that there is help out there, and thanks for my second chance! I greatly appreciate Nationwide Student Loans and the entire staff!!
Jordan and Bianca

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